What is Punch Embroidery? How is it done?

Punch is the type of embroidery made with lace threads or special needles on the fabric. These designs are generally used in ornaments and also clothing products on any kind of fabric that does not stretch. Serving global brands with creative punch designs, Akspa is one of the pioneers of Turkey in punch production.

  • A creative and innovative line in punch design.
  • Production of quality fabric.
  • Weaving with special tipped needles.
  • Patterns and motifs specially designed for the staple needle.


It is produced with special needles, threads and fabrics for punch embroidery; and your dreams come true.


We process the stretched fabric with special production scissors, glue and punch needles. All the details suitable for the long-term use of the products are embroidered into the pattern.

Design Details

With our creative team, we combine our creative embroidery with fabrics, and make the most appropriate design requested by the brands we work with.

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