About Us

About Us

Having been operating since 2000, our company is one of the pioneering representatives of the ready-made clothing sector in Turkey in terms of the employees, management and business portfolio. Proceeding on its way with the successful team members who shape the sector, our brand has been transformed from a small medium sized enterprise into a corporate structure increasing its production volume more than 3 million meters of fabric.

Our Goal

To be the most valuable representative in the textile sector in Turkey in the portfolio of Employees, Management and Business. Directing the sector and continuing its journey with its successful teammates, Akspa Tekstil is one of the leading companies in the sector by advancing its SME ID towards a corporate structure.

Our Vision

We primarily provide quality and excellent service to our customers with our innovative, creative, transparent and common sense. Additionally, we contribute to the training and development of the sector starting from our employees.

Our Mission

As Akspa, we adopt the principle of creating new systems by prioritizing customer satisfaction and working respectfully to people, society and the environment. Depending on the corporate identity and corporate culture, we would like to continue our activities in accordance with the working principles of national and international standards, and we aim to grow by developing new products and brands day by day.

1,5 Million Meters Production

to the EU

Certified Production

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Akspa Textile
We continuously improve our processes considering all the details from the first stage to
the last stage of the manufacturing.
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