How can lace be used at Home Decoration?

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Lace, which has been seen as ‘’fashion of past’’, is favorite among those who love Vintage Design. Laces, which were used in many targets from the 16th century to the 19th, have still been used from clothing to curtains; from covers to towels. However, those, who would like to keep up with the current fashion, modernize new styles of usage. Here are the decoration ideas where you can utilize lace in a modern way, which brings a great classic wave everywhere.

Flower Pot Decorations

Cactus and succulents along with arrangements called terrarium, which has been preferred owing to their popularity, are fundamental plant types. These plant varieties, possessing different shapes and flowers, depict themselves better in design pots. Besides terrariums, pottery and ceramic pots are also very popular. Yet, you can ornament them with acrylic paints or with lace or guipure models that are at your home rather than using them with solid colors. These lace flower pot designs, attributed by a great style, are the best selling ones abroad. You can decorate your home with flower pots that you can ornament quite plainly.

Lampshade Design

Lampshades, which are inevitable parts of our houses, become one of the most significant design devices reflecting bohemian style accompanied by lace. As the light inside the lace reflected on the wall and danced amazingly, you could go on enjoying under dim light. You can use the designs handled by laces that are mixed in ecru and white tones.

illow Cushion

Pillow cushions, which are supplementary to sofas, transform into wonderful decoration samples when used both with contrast colors of the room and in excessive usage. Decorate your rooms either in modern styles or in Vintage styles. In any case, you could decorate your rooms with different pillow models. Nevertheless, you should choose lace embroidered cushions if you wish a bit more different style. Despite the lack of deficient areas, you can catch the bohemian touches in your living room via laces keeping their trends.


Nowadays, as wall accessories have dramatically become a trend, lace embroidered dreamcatchers used with tree designs are also extremely fashionable! Dream catchers, which are also used as headboards in the bedroom, could be created with vintage style accompanied by lace embroidery to use in the gardens and living rooms. You can wrap it all around with light. And you can either use it to light up at night or use şt as a door ornament by designing it via feathers along with beads.

Lace Trim in Frames

Canvas paintings, metal wall panels… Wall paintings have become a part of every home, are among the accessories widely-used in home decorations with various models and textures. Yet, if you don’t find what you look for despite hundreds of models, you can apply for the laces left from your grannies, maybe dowry, maybe from lace you like but you haven’t had the opportunity to use. You can carry these stylish and pretty frames to the corner of your room. Elegance doesn’t mean to offend eyes, yet it means to be remembered forever. For the sake of the laces, we never forget since our grannies created…